The importance of planning and budgeting your money is to have control over your money and expenses. A budget will allow you to have a birds eye view of your money and expenses before you lose control. A budget is before the fact, where as an income statement is after the fact. You must live and breath within a budget. Only then can you be on your way to achieve financial freedom and independence. You can not move forward and establish financial freedom and independence unless you have a budget. You must know the money you are generating and the expenses you are incurring. 

Planning and budgeting your money can be as simple as listing your income generated from all sources and listing all of your expenses that you incur each and every month. The purpose of writing theses numbers down is so you can actually see what you earn and what you spend. You will subtract your expenses from you income to determine if you are in the black or in the red. If you are in the red you must immediately eliminate wasteful spending.

After you have written all of these numbers down and you can actually see how much money you generate and how much you actually spend, you will be amazed at what wasteful spending habits you have. Wasteful spending does nothing positive for you and must be eliminated immediately. We know that it is not easy. If is was, everyone would be doing it. This is why Human Financial Health is here. We are here to help you solve your financial woes.

Just like the big corporations work plan and budget their money, so do you. Image what would happen it that Corporation did not adhere to its budget. It started to spend more then it takes in like many people do. The corporation would become insolvent very quickly and be coerced to close their doors. This is exactly what happens to many of us who do not live with the frames planning and budgeting their money. Here is where the abuse of credit comes into play. To be more specific, the abuse and over use of the credit card. People start charging and over charging because its easy. They just take out a piece of plastic and swipe. Unfortunately, they are not thinking about how they are going to pay for what they just charged. But they did get the instant gratification without considering the financial ramifications.

The truth is the use of the credit card leads to financial disaster to many of use who are out of control with spending. I was taught a long time ago, "you can always spend, but you can not always save". Take control of your financial house by getting it in order. First stop the credit card abuse, second stop the instant gratification process. You don't need it. Third, you need to learn and understand the difference between a need and a want. Only then will you start to make more intelligent decisions about your money.

At Human Financial Health you are not alone. We are here to coach you every step of the way to ensure that you become totally debt free. Let us help you achieve the financial freedom you aspire and deserve. We will custom design a budget that you can adhere to and stick with so you can achieve your financial bliss. Take the first step and contact us today 615-428-9748, so you can plan and budget your money. After all, it's your money.