What is the key to retirement planning?  Retirement is on everyone's radar. You have toiled for years working hard each and everyday. But have you taken advantage of all retirement vehicles that are available to you? Do you know how much you need to retire with? Don't neglect your retirement and just leave it to chance. Time is a key element to creating a solid retirement portfolio. So stop the procrastination and start today.

We look at your life through you retirement at work and privately. Do you have a defined benefit program at work or a defined contribution? You need to known the difference between the two and understand them, so you can make more intelligent decisions about your money. Our objective is to have you utilize whatever retirement program you employer offers at work and then take you to the next level to amass a retirement portfolio that you can not outlive.

Many baby boomers are unprepared about facing retirement. They have no idea how they will retire and when they can retire. Stop the guessing and let us help you make retirement a reality and an enjoyable time. Don't be a statistic by being unprepared for the future. Remember money gives you options.

At Human Financial Health we will construct a game plan for you that is realistic and that you can achieve. We will listen to your dreams and aspirations for your retirement years. Together we will tailor designed a plan that will take into account what you want to achieve. If you can dream it, we can help you achieve it.

Take the first step toward a comfortable retirement and call us now 615-428-9748.